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UrbanVirons Group
Belinda Seddon

After struggling with average phone coverage, unable to operate efficiently and hearing positive reviews about Voiteck - it was time for a new business telephone system for Urban Virons.

The Wide Area Network is fully managed by Voiteck over multiple sites and with all landline phones interconnected at extension level.

Voiteck has since arranged for our entire work compliment of 120+ staff to transition to Optus mobile.

The service we receive from all staff members at Voiteck has been excellent from day one - immediate support when we need it and and we are seeing operational saving of over $3,000 per month! Great outcome for Urbanvirons!

Being accessible at all times to provide world-class service and a positive client experience is essential to Harris Real Estate. As our team began to grow it was essential for us to have a feature rich phone system to support our business, which is why we teamed up with Voiteck six years ago.

Voiteck also services Harris for our teams fleet of Optus Mobiles which allows us to have one provider that offers a full suite of products and services, with local and reliable customer service.

Voiteck is currently saving us on average $21,000 per year compared to our previous provider.

Voiteck has allowed us to implement, voicemail to email, a sophisticated call flow and automated night switch. A major feature worth noting is the capabilities for our photographers to upload photos for editing via their their super fast Optus mobile whilst they are on the road.


Harris Real Estate
Phil Harris
Managing Director


Silks Laser Clinics
Martin Perelman
Managing Director

Recommended to Voiteck five years when ADSL was being phased out and NBN was being installed and it was important for Silks Laser Clinics to find a business telephony provider that would allow us to have control over a robust phone system for our 60 sites nationally.

Like Voiteck, Silks Laser Clinics ' Head Office is based in Adelaide and that' s important. Just as important was the ability for all sites to be part of one phone system allowing the company to utilise features such as redirecting calls, call queues when we’re experiencing larger volumes of calls, update messages as required e.g. sales messages and turn phones off / on for public holidays.

We now have Voiteck managing our fleet of mobiles through Optus.

Having Silks Laser’s telco needs serviced through one local and trusted provider makes sense.

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