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Providing Individually Tailored Business Telecommunications Solutions for Northern Adelaide

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If you’re looking to save between 20% - 30% on your operational costs in Northern Adelaide, speak with us at Voiteck today! We are a leading telecommunications provider located in South Australia. Our team will arrange a time to visit you and discuss how we can help provide you with an individually tailored telecommunications solution to suit your business needs. We provide a smarter way of working, together with an abundance of functionality. Turn your landline into a strategic tool designed to work for your business and reap the rewards of working with a local operator supporting local business in Northern Adelaide.

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Full integration with mobile phones, remote workers, and IP devices enables workers to stay connected even while on the move.




Click a number on your computer screen in programs such as Microsoft Outlook to initiate a call, saving you time.




Manage inbound calls efficiently with features such as a greeting message and message on hold.

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